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Exposure Management

Turbo-charge your underwriting performance
and optimise your analysts’ time with our
Exposure Management Service, powered by

Focus on success

At Pro we’ve been providing data cleansing services to major carriers for over a decade and are fully aware of the challenges facing the market. With unpredictable events, increasing regulation and competition: alongside the drive to price quotes more quickly and accurately, whilst managing risk exposure and improving expense ratios.

Exposure Management

Major Carriers and Brokers have been outsourcing their data cleansing services to our team of experts for over a decade. Our managed services team provides:


Our local team are managed and trained by experienced cat modellers


Our people are fluent in property and location-based events and the main market model outputs


We are able to scale rapidly according to your data volumes

The opportunity

Better understand your business with higher quality data insights and start building your ecosystem on better data standards

The opportunity

Reduce the time skilled your people spend scrubbing data and focus your time on the most valuable activities

The opportunity

Price quotes more quickly and more accurately

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