Turbo charging SOV data cleansing

Transforming the processing speed and quality of data output

Introducing CAI

CAI is focused on cleansing the SOV data for land based property risk that feeds your catastrophe and exposure models, transforming the speed and accuracy of the data; the fuel that powers your proprietary modelling outcomes.

The specialty (re)insurance market is challenging enough without having to worry about – and be distracted – by poor data quality and reliability.

Every year, the insurance sector manually’ cleanses (and re-cleanses) data from millions of exposure schedules or Statements of Value (SOVs). This key stage in the risk management journey is operationally inefficient and expensive.

The team at Pro are here to help by doing the heavy lifting for you in terms of cleansing and validating your data so that you can focus on what matters – underwriting and outstanding customer service.

CAI (Cleansing Augmented Intelligence), is an augmented software platform that turbo charges the data cleansing process and the quality of data output.

CAI has the ability to provide multiple outputs for different model input formats from one cleanse, setting the new standard for data cleansing

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Start gaining the benefits of CAI

How do you want to use CAI?

There are several ways to access the benefits of CAI, to enable it to do the heavy lifting on your data cleansing requirements.

Why not contact us to arrange a demo and to understand the business benefits for you.

Managed Service

Pro’s expert team can manage your data cleansing requirements, powered by CAI


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